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7 Steps to Maximizing Your Potential

How different would your life and career look if you truly believed your potential was limitless? Sadhguru uses science-based tools and ancient wisdom to help people realize a life of joy and fulfillment.

What’s Your Problem? Hint: It’s You.

The only thing we can “fix” in our lives is our self and our own experience of life. Seeking peace and relief from suffering through any physical means is only a temporary solution, explains Sadhguru.

You Are the Joy You’ve Been Looking For

If you can align with your true joyful essence regardless of what is going on around you, you will experience joy in every aspect of your life. This benefits you, but it also benefits all whom you encounter — your family, your coworkers, your community and the planet.

Life Is Desire

Most of us have heard of the spiritual teachings that say we need to eliminate desire to eliminate suffering. Sadhguru takes a different view, saying that life itself is desire and, to be free from suffering, we must apply desire consciously rather than compulsively.

Are You 100% Responsible?

When we hear the word “responsible,” many of us equate it with blame. Sadhguru explains that responsibility is simply the ability to respond. If you are able to respond to anything in life, you are 100% responsible for everything in your world.

Don’t Let Life Pass You By

If you’re stuck making choices based on your past or spending your days living in dreams of the future, you are missing out on all of existence, says Sadhguru. He invites us all to become fully aware of this moment, the only moment that exists.

Living an Involved Life

Sadhguru says living life to the fullest means becoming deeply involved in it, not detached from it as many past teachings have suggested. But there is a difference between the experience of involvement and the judgment of that experience, he explains.
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