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Embracing Your Limitless Potential

How different would your life and career look if you truly believed your potential was limitless? Sadhguru uses science-based tools and ancient wisdom to help people realize a life of joy and fulfillment.

You Are the Joy You’ve Been Looking For

If you can align with your true joyful essence regardless of what is going on around you, you will experience joy in every aspect of your life. This benefits you, but it also benefits all whom you encounter — your family, your coworkers, your community and the planet.

Living an Involved Life

Sadhguru says living life to the fullest means becoming deeply involved in it, not detached from it as many past teachings have suggested. But there is a difference between the experience of involvement and the judgment of that experience, he explains.

Finally: Free from Anger

What would your day be like if you were no longer triggered by the usual people and things? How would your relationships change? How much better would your body feel? Sadhguru shares the keys to unlocking your anger-free life.

Change Your Mood, Change Your Life

We often go through our days as if our moods and emotions just happen to us — as if they are outside of our control. When we choose our emotions rather than allowing them to control us, we can change our entire experience of life.

Relief for Body, Mind and Spirit

Many common chronic ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes and digestive disorders can be linked to an overactive survival response. Being restful alleviates chronic ailments and improves your immune system and healing ability. It also improves mental health by reducing anxiety, stress and depression, allowing you to be happier. Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering offers a comprehensive process to align your body, mind, emotions and energy. The course includes a daily practice called Shambhavi Kriya, which brings about immense physical and psychological benefits, and much more.

The End of Anxiety

“If you learn to create the right climate in your body, mind and emotion,” says Sadhguru, “your health, wellbeing and joy — everything will be taken care of.” Shambhavi Kriya, part of his Inner Engineering course, has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety in 90% of participants and symptoms of depression in 95% of participants.

How to Finally Catch Those Zs

Shambhavi Kriya, part of Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering course, can dramatically improve sleep quality. The average adult’s sleep consists of 20% REM sleep whereas the average infant’s sleep consists of 50% REM sleep. With regular practice, it is possible for one to “sleep like a baby.”

Ladies: Improve the Health of Your Monthly Cycle

Studies have proven that those practicing the Shambhavi Kriya, part of Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering course, found a decrease in irregular cycles and the need for medical intervention. They also experienced less interference in work performance caused by menstrual disorders.
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